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Philosophy of Education

In this ever-expanding age of information through digital technologies, we believe that the ability to discern that which is of lasting value will be the most important attribute of our students for the future.  The world currently offers unfiltered information like water from a geyser that is both dangerous and fails to satiate.  We seek to form self-disciplined students that can drink deliberately from a discerned thirst-quenching well of worldly information all that is good, true and beautiful through critical reasoning and grace.


St. John Paul II HS offers a college preparatory curriculum that includes honors level and dual credit courses and a variety of elective courses, as well as athletic programs.

The curriculum revolves around the core subject areas of theology, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  The elective program offers students the opportunity to pursue more intently the field of their choice, especially in the fine arts.

All courses are constantly evaluated to ensure they meet the needs of students.  They are designed with the development of well-rounded, critical thinking, Christian young men and women in mind.

The Academic Advisors provide students with guidance and counseling as they progress toward graduation and in planning for college admissions, career exploration, and information about study skills.

College Board High School Code Number: 441-504 (For SAT & ACT)
Texas Education Private School Number: 178-100-129

St. John Paul II HS is accredited through the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, and is a member of the NCEA.