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St. John Paul II High School exists to prepare students for this life and the next; leading students to an encounter with Christ. In the Spirit of St. John Paul II, key elements of our school’s teaching and mission is to properly relate faith and reason, nature and grace, and mercy and justice.
We do this first and foremost learning to love one another as God’s family, the Church; for this is the way the world will know we are Jesus’ disciples. Our St. John Paul II family is committed to living out the Church’s calling from God to be a light to the world.  We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet, his voice and ears, but also to hear it in our brothers and sisters in need.  Through loving with the love poured into our hearts by God’s Holy Spirit, we become God’s presence in the world.  The Church’s unity in divine love leads us to be a visible sign of the Trinitarian Love of God.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.