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Mission, Vision, & Philosophy


Mission Statement

In service to Jesus Christ and His Church...Our mission is to provide a transformational Catholic education, with a diverse student body experience, rooted in faith, reason, and virtue for this life and the next.

Vision Statement

Guided by the Catholic faith, our students will excel academically, lead socially, and exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ; understanding that God has placed in the human heart a desire to know truth--in a word, to know himself--so that, by knowing and loving God, students may also come to the fullness of truth about themselves grounded in a faith community, empowered through reason, and serving in virtue.

Philosophy of Education

In this ever-expanding age of information through digital technologies, we believe that the ability to discern that which is of lasting value will be the most important attribute of our students for the future.  The world currently offers unfiltered information like water from a geyser that is both dangerous and fails to satiate.  We seek to form self-disciplined students that can drink deliberately from a discerned thirst-quenching well of worldly information all that is good, true and beautiful through critical reasoning and grace.