Weekly Parent Update for January 27, 2022

Updated Re-Enrollment Process

Dear Parents,

We are constantly looking for ways to make the re-enrollment process easier for our parents and for us to account/budget for the personnel that will be needed for the coming year. You may recall that last year, we added a continuous enrollment policy on page 41 of the Student Parent Handbook. Instead of having to re-enroll every year, the re-enrollment process will happen automatically for you. Everyone will receive the re-enrollment discount of $100 and remaining re-enrollment fee of $270 will be broken into 3 payments of $90 each starting in February through FACTS Tuition. All that you need to do before April 1st is to go online to your FACTS Family Portal, click on Family Information, click on Enrollment/Reenrollment, and complete the packet. It’s that easy! An email with these instructions for re-enrollment was automatically generated by FACTS and sent to your email inbox on January 26th so you can also find it there.

If you choose not to re-enroll automatically, you can reach out to Mrs. Okoniewski in the Enrollment Office. Please note that if you choose to not re-enroll automatically, and/or if you re-enroll after April 1st, you will pay the regular enrollment fee of $370.

In addition, to further streamline the transition between Bishop Garriga and St. JPII, we are implementing the same service fee at the high school that our families are used to at the middle school. While this is an additional $500 fee, tuition at St. John Paul II High School for 2022-23 has been reduced to $6,800 for an overall cost increase of only $300.

We understand that additional fees for re-enrollment are difficult in the middle of the year and that the fee structure between the two schools has been confusing in the past. Our hope is that the breaking up of payments and the alignment of the fees will help you and future parents at St. John Paul II High School.


Fr. Peter Martinez, President

Mr. Michael Edghill, Principal


Students of the Week

Students of the Week, Seniors, Zachary Reddick and Gilbert Gonzalez, nominated by the front office.



Bishop Carmody

During homeroom today we surprised Bishop Carmody with Mariachis in the Quad in honor of his birthday earlier this month.





Rally for Life in Austin

Around 40 students from St. John Paul II High School braved the cold weather to attend the Rally For Life in Austin, TX on Saturday, January 22. 

Our bus broke down on the drive-up, so we were unable to attend the Pro-Life Mass at San Jose Church, but were fortunate enough to be able to go into St. Mary's Cathedral in Austin and spend time in prayer. We had a short reflection, read the daily readings, and prayed a Scripture Rosary led by 5 of our students. (See attached picture of that) 

Once we arrived at the Rally, we met up with organizers of the event as we were asked to once again lead the march by holding the banners and flags. The students did a great job and it was an honor to be able to lead the march again. (see pictures below)

The students did a great job of being a prayerful witness for life and the dignity of the person. It was a moving and beautiful event and the students did a great job! Many members from the Texas Alliance for Life and volunteers at the Rally for Life thanked us and said how great of a job our students did.  Again, it was a great and beautiful day and an honor to be able to lead march again. We will continue to stand and pray for life because each and every person is important and loved by The Father. 

A few student quotes:

"It was great to see so many young people there standing up for life. I think the majority of people were young, which is awesome to see!" - Elizabeth Arnolds, 11th grader 

"I really liked the fact that they addressed various issues within the pro-life movement. They explained why we are pro-life and how we are also there for mothers and provide services and support for them. It isn't just about abortion, but we want to help all mothers and babies even after the baby is born." Nicholas Urbina, 11th grader 


Students leading the Rally for Life


View from the stage of number of people in attendance


Students praying in St. Mary's Cathedral before the Rally for Life


Picture of students in back of stage holding banner and flags


Group picture after Rally


Centurion Night of Worship



Academic Competition

There is an academic competition Feb 11 and 12 at Flour Bluff High School.  Events include math, science, current events, social studies, literary criticism, ready writing, and spelling.   If you are interested in competing, please see Mrs. Lee Sang after school in room 302 for more information.  Deadline for entry is Friday, February 4th.


PTO NEWS                                             


We are asking for donations for our spring raffle ticket.  Donations of $100 gift cards for restaurants, retail outlets or VISA gift cards help sell the raffle tickets.  Donations are also welcomed.  Remember every monetary donation of $10 counts as 1 service hour.  For information you can contact Veronica Maxwell @ [email protected] or 361-816-9234/Priscilla San Miguel @ [email protected] or 361-445-1143/Melissa Perez @ [email protected] or 361549-1201.



More opportunities to get your parent hours for these last semesters!  We still need parents for scanning sports tickets.


Girls Basketball



Boys Soccer



Girls Soccer



Baseball and Softball coming Soon!!


Black & Gold




The St. John Paul II Swim Team traveled to San Antonio to compete in the TAPPS Central Region State Qualifier on January 24, 2022!  


The largest time drop of the meet goes to Ava Vasquez with a 10.98 seconds drop in the 200 freestyle followed by Michael Roberts with a 5.64 seconds drop in his 100 freestyle!  Overall, the swimmers dropped 32.95 seconds at the meet!  Alexa Patterson, Michael Roberts and Evan Thompson dropped time in both of their individual events!  Dominic Kimmel was supposed to have his first meet with the McAllen meet which was canceled, so Dominic competed in his first ever swim meet at the Regional Qualifier.  He was a respectable :40 on the 50 free and a 1:37 on the 100 free.  These times will continue to improve but we are very proud of his swims!  The swimmers have worked hard to bring their times down after being out of the water for over a year!  

The TAPPS State Meet will be held on February 8, 2022.  The Women's 200 freestyle relay should qualify for the 2022 TAPPS State Swim Meet.  The qualifiers will be announced after the TAPPS North Regional Qualifier this Friday!  We are excited to see the qualifier list for the 200 freestyle relay!

The Men's 200 Freestyle Relay - W. Lee Sang, M. Kimmel, J. Thompson, and E Thompson -was 6th overall and out-touched our in-town rival - IWA by 2.38 seconds!  

The results from the meet are as follows:

Becca Garcia, Senior

2:41.86 Women 200 Freestyle - .08 seconds drop!

1:24.69 Women 100 Backstroke


Dominic Kimmel, Freshman

   40.23 Men 50 Freestyle - First time in a meet!

1:37.58 Men 100 Freestyle - First time in a meet!


Mathias Kimmel, Senior

2:53.03 Men 200 Freestyle

1:35.96 Men 100 Breaststroke


William Lee Sang, Junior

2:46.92 Men 200 Freestyle - 2.35 seconds drop!

1:38.11 Me 100 Breaststroke


Diego Ordonez, Junior

   35.31 Men 50 Freestyle - 1.97 seconds drop!

1:33.52 Men 100 Freestyle


Alexa Patterson, Sophomore

   38.73 Women 50 Freestyle - .58 seconds drop!

1:28.63 Women 100 Freestyle - 1.14 seconds drop!


Anastacia Ramos, Junior

  36.89 Women 50 Freestyle

2:11.34 Women 100 Breaststroke - 1.26 seconds drop!


Joseph Larry Roberts, Junior

1:25.21 Men 100 Freestyle 

1:44.32 Men 100 Breaststroke


Michael Roberts, Freshman

   35.53 Men 50 Freestyle - 1.86 seconds drop!

1:26.78 Men 100 Freestyle - 5.64 seconds drop!


Evan Thompson, Freshman

2:43.02 Men 200 Freestyle - 1.02 seconds drop!

7:18.45 Men 500 Freestyle - 4.33 seconds drop and 6th place!


Jack Thompson, Freshman

2:45.61 Men 200 Freestyle

   33.61 Men 50 Freestyle - .84 seconds drop!


Amaris Vasquez, Junior

   33.07 Women 50 Freestyle - .90 seconds drop!

1:40.01 Women 100 Butterfly - 7th place!


Ava Vasquez. Freshman

2:51.85 Women 200 Freestyle - 10.98 seconds drop!

1:17.46 Women 100 Freestyle 



Women's 200 Medley Relay - 2:45.51 - 7th place!

Rebecca Garcia, Ava Vasquez, Amais Vasquez, Anastacia Ramos


Men's 200 Medley Relay - 2:40.49 - 6th place!

Evan Thompson, Joseph Roberts, Mathias Kimmel, William Lee Sang


Women's 200 Freestyle Relay - 2:13.98 - 6th place!

Rebecca Garcia, Anastacia Ramos, Ava Vasquez. Amaris Vasquez


Men's 200 Freestyle Relay - 2:15.23 - 6th place and the boys beat the other Corpus Christi team - IWA which was 7th place!

William Lee Sang, Mathias Kimmel, Jack Thompson, Evan Thompson

Congratulations to all the swimmers that worked so hard this year!  We will continue to condition and improve our strokes in preparation for next year!  Next year will be an even better year, since the swimmers will not be out of the water as long.  The expected state bound relay will continue to work on their relay exchanges and sprinting!

We look forward to the TAPPS State Swim Meet on February 8th!  Coach Annette